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Computer Science IT Tutorials / what is Depth Buffer in OpenGL
« on: October 22, 2016, 08:02:14 AM »
The depth buffer stores a depth value for each pixel, and is used for
determining the visibility of objects in a three-dimensional scene. Depth is
measured in terms of distance to the eye, so pixels with larger depth-buffer
values are overwritten by pixels with smaller values

The assumptions made for describing the working of the Carnot engine are as follows :
(i) The piston moving in a cylinder does not develop any friction during motion.
(ii) The walls of piston and cylinder are considered as perfect insulators of heat.
(iii) The cylinder head is so arranged that it can be a perfect heat conductor or perfect heat
(iv) The transfer of heat does not affect the temperature of source or sink.
(v) Working medium is a perfect gas and has constant specific heat.
(vi) Compression and expansion are reversible.

Merits and Demerits of Gas Turbines
Merits over I.C. engines :

1. The mechanical efficiency of a gas turbine (95%) is quite high as compared with I.C.
engine (85%) since the I.C. engine has a large many sliding parts.
2. A gas turbine does not require a flywheel as the torque on the shaft is continuous and
uniform. Whereas a flywheel is a must in case of an I.C. engine.
3. The weight of gas turbine per H.P. developed is less than that of an I.C. engine.
4. The gas turbine can be driven at a very high speeds (40,000 r.p.m.) whereas this is not
possible with I.C. engines.
5. The work developed by a gas turbine per kg of air is more as compared to an I.C. engine.
This is due to the fact that gases can be expanded upto atmospheric pressure in case of
a gas turbine whereas in an I.C. engine expansion upto atmospheric pressure is not
6. The components of the gas turbine can be made lighter since the pressures used in it are
very low, say 5 bar compared with I.C. engine, say 60 bar.
7. In the gas turbine the ignition and lubrication systems are much simpler as compared
with I.C. engines.
8. Cheaper fuels such as paraffine type, residue oils or powdered coal can be used whereas
special grade fuels are employed in petrol engine to check knocking or pinking.
9. The exhaust from gas turbine is less polluting comparatively since excess air is used for
10. Because of low specific weight the gas turbines are particularly suitable for use in aircrafts.

Demerits of gas turbines

1. The thermal efficiency of a simple turbine cycle is low (15 to 20%) as compared with I.C.
engines (25 to 30%).
2. With wide operating speeds the fuel control is comparatively difficult.
3. Due to higher operating speeds of the turbine, it is imperative to have a speed reduction
4. It is difficult to start a gas turbine as compared to an I.C. engine.
5. The gas turbine blades need a special cooling system.

another best tutorial to set up open gl in C++ (visual studio)

Computer Science IT Tutorials / Configure OpenGL GLEW GLUT in Visual Studio
« on: September 28, 2016, 12:30:09 AM »
Configure OpenGL GLEW GLUT in Visual Studio

visual cpp visual c# visual basic

Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization with Python,
VTK, and ParaView
Cory Quammen

Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization with Python
Computer Science PDF Download Python PDF Downloads Paraview PDF Downloads

Bionik Laboratories - TORONTO
Post :  Mechanical Design Engineer
Expert user of 3D CAD software tools, SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD
Proficient in 3D Modeling, FEA and GD&T
Familiar with certification testing and approvals

Post : Senior Engineer, Materials and Welding
Calgary, AB, CANADA
    10 or more years of experience as a site materials and welding engineer in oil sands mining and extraction facilities
    Formal leadership experience would be an asset
    Bachelor's degree in Mechanical or Materials Engineering
    Registered as a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) in the province of Alberta

Apply Now :

Computer Science IT Tutorials / An Introduction on OpenGL with 2D Graphics
« on: September 21, 2016, 12:31:04 AM »
An Introduction on OpenGL with 2D Graphics
Setting Up OpenGL and GLUT
Vertex, Primitive and Color
Naming Convention for OpenGL Functions
2D Coordinate System and the Default View
Clipping-Area & Viewport

Geometry Modeling And Visualisation
Using SciPy And pythonOCC PDF tutorial download
engineering projects
mini project ideas

Creating Labels from a Database Using Brother's P-Touch Editor 5

upload excel or access database files to print the labels

Computer Science IT Tutorials / WX Widgets beginners tutorials
« on: September 20, 2016, 05:43:04 AM »
 A simple wxwidgets application with a simple button

Technical Support Department Manager Fircroft Saudi Arabia jobs
Requirements : 20 + Years Experience

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